Rabbi Dani Locker

- Director of Juniors Programming 917-613-1037

A 20 year veteran of the Nageela Jewish Experiences system, Rabbi Locker is the founder of Camp Nageela West and Nageela West Coast, and is an innovator who has developed brand new concepts like Selfie Torah, NageeLatte, Mitzpacha and Pickle Jews.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY where he developed his love for dill pickles, Rabbi Locker received his Rabbinic ordination from Rabbinical Seminary of America, as well as achieving high scores at Hogwarts.  He currently lives in Las Vegas with his awesometastic family.

He loves playing music, art and occasionally, time travel.

Rabbi Locker heads up Nageela operations in Las Vegas and outlying cities, and oversees the overall regional program and Camp Nageela West as well as running Juniors Programming for West Coast NCSY.