“CAMPaign 18”


“CAMPaign 18″ is designed to raise funds to sponsor a West Coast bus (40 teens) for an NCSY summer program. What better way to connect to Israel, connect to the Jewish future and to connect future leaders than sending 40 teens on a life changing trip to Israel? The “CAMPaign 18″ scholarship will be distributed to teens that would otherwise not have this opportunity. 

NCSY SUMMER is one of the most meaningful and transformative experiences of a teenager’s life. NCSY runs over 20 unique summer programs in the US, Israel and Europe that cater to teens with different interests and backgrounds. Over 2,000 Jewish teens travel to Israel with NCSY each summer, making NCSY the largest provider of teen trips to Israel.

Why is “CAMPaign 18” important?

The teen years represent both a great opportunity and a serious threat to the development of a mature, positive lifelong identity as a Jew.  With the simplicity of childhood in the rear-view mirror, a teen is now charged to make his/her own decisions about their religious path and both positive or negative influences can affect their subsequent Jewish life choices. Giving a teen a life-altering experience in a welcoming, nurturing, and educational environment has the power to forever Connect them to Israel and the Jewish people.

Not all families can afford to send their teenagers abroad to participate in such a program, we as alumni and community members have an important opportunity to help foster this crucial step in spiritual growth and Jewish leadership.

Together we will change the world, connect teens to Israel and inspire the Jewish future.

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For more details on “CAMPaign 18″, please contact Denise Badreau Tamam 310-229-9000 ext. 51202 or denise@ncsy.org