Junior NCSY

Each Month, check out West Coast JR NCSY’s Challenge, where you can:

  • Win fantabulous prizes
  • Connect with Jewish kids from other cities
  • Do, like, mitzvah stuff!
  • Learn a little something
  • Be creative
  • Oh, did I mention the prizes?

Any questions please reach out to lockerd@ncsy.org


Congrats to Rebecca and Ariella on winning Apple AirPod Pros in our first 2 Jewnior Challenges and Avigayil on winning a $50 Amazon gift card in the 3rd!
For challenge 4, your mission is ‘the Parsha Project.’
About this challenge:
There are many opportunities for learning valuable lessons from the Torah.  Each week, we read a different portion called the Parsha.  
There’s a ton of great material online, all you have to do is look!

Your challenge, between now and March 31st,  is to look up parsha related lessons, either online or in a book (they have to be self- learned, not what you heard in school).  Then…

Video yourself explaining the lesson, in your own words!  You’ll be learning stuff, and also practicing teaching Torah which is awesome!

Send in your submission in one of three ways:

  1. Email your videos to Rabbi Locker at lockerd@ncsy.org.
  2. What’s App your videos to 917-613-1037.
  3. DOUBLE POINTS: Post your video on Instagram and tag @Jewnior_ncsy.

You may enter one entry per week for the following weeks: Parshat Vayakhel, Pekudi, Vayikra and Tzav.

1. Rules are annoying.

2. Winners will be chosen at a ZOOM event March 31st.

Sample websites to find parsha materials: