Junior NCSY


Each Month, check out West Coast JR NCSY’s Challenge, where you can:

  • Win fantabulous prizes
  • Connect with Jewish kids from other cities
  • Do, like, mitzvah stuff!
  • Learn a little something
  • Be creative
  • Oh, did I mention the prizes?

Any questions please reach out to lockerd@ncsy.org

Congrats to Rebecca on winning Apple AirPod Pros in our first Jewnior Challenge!
For challenge 2, your mission is a Jewish calendar Kahoot!
We’ve just finished 3 weeks of Jewish holidays and you may be curious why they are always on different dates!  There are two steps to this challenge:
1. Watch the 5 minute YouTube video explaining all about the Jewish calendar.  Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/tzVsZ9xEzFU?si=QtzeS99jbJ7ihml0
2. Do the Kahoot!  If you complete the Kahoot, no matter what your score, you will gain an entry into the drawing for another pair of Apple AirPods Pros!
If you score 100%, you will get FIVE entries instead of just one!  You can do it as many times as you want! https://kahoot.it/challenge/03832625?challenge-id=8af11a59-da45-40aa-96f5-8cf5d700481f_1696631754454
3. When you finish, make sure to take a screenshot of your score, and upload it on this form: https://forms.gle/NyC4qGSFYcgXjJ6C6
Winners will be announced at the Chapter Wars ZOOM event on Oct 29.