REBO 2022-2023

Regional Board Application 2022-2023

1. You are one of West Coast NCSY’s most dedicated members, ready to commit to attending every possible event and program West Coast NCSY offers next year (including all chapter programs in your local city).

2. You are growth oriented and prepared to serve as a role model and ambassador in the region to the Torah values of our region.

3. You have strong leadership abilities. You are ready to roll up your sleeves and work hard to serve West Coast NCSY, radiate high energy and a positive attitude.

4. You are a team player, driven to fulfill your own position’s goals and responsibilities on board and supporting the other board members to fulfill theirs.

5. NCSY Involvement: commitment to attending local programs, commitment to attend all regional programs & shabbatons, active participation in the events & activities – 1st people to sign up

6. Recruitment: Promote NCSY events, Ambassador for NCSY – in community, in school, any teen programs etc, Welcome & follow up with new teens at programs

Time Commitment:
Participation on regional board requires a time commitment to fulfill the obligations of your position, participate in local and regional events and programs, participate in regular regional board meetings, and weekly check ins with the Director of Regional Board.

The entire Regional Board will be expected to be at the monthly REBO meeting as well as checking in weekly with the Director of Regional Board. The frequency of the meetings may increase as needed (before an event).