REBO D’var Torah – Parshas Metzora by Lior Behdadnia

Posted on December 11, 2015

This week’s Torah portion is Metzora. Metzora begins to speak about the 3 stages of Korbonot (offerings) to ritually purify oneself. As the parsha continues, it talks about Tzaras (biblical leproscy of sorts) on the houses. Tzaras can occur when one gossips and/or is selfish (according to The Rambam) and we learn the process of how to purify oneself. The parsha concludes with the ideas of how to keep oneself pure.

As the parsha speaks about Karbanot (offerings), in today’s day and age, post-destruction of the holy temple in Jerusalem, Korbanot have been replaced by Davening – prayer. Every morning millions of people begin their day with prayer; seeking a connection with Hashem. People accomplish this by the simplest of means.  We connect to the prayer communally, first thing in the morning or by saying a blessing with kavana (intention)  or even wrapping teffilin and devoting a portion of one’s day to really speak to Hashem.

From this parsha we take the message, that a simple action can come to deeply purify ourselves in a spiritual way. We as people need to ask ourselves: What is your main goal in life and how are we going to accomplish it? What does it mean to me, to become “more pure” spiritually?  With this message in mind, over this Shabbat, I would like to challenge everyone to do something to grow spiritually, perhaps attend one service, and take your time to really concentrate on prayer.

Shabbat Shalom!

Lior Behdadnia

Valley NCSY President
WC REBO, VP Finance

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