Fill Your BUCKET with a min. of 10 ITEMS and be awarded $1500 towards your trip to Israel!!!

Confirm your participation by in an event/activity by taking a selfie at the event/activity (except on Shabbat and Holidays) with your mentor is applicable…

The Selfie should be uploaded on Instagram jteenbucket

List of Activities:

1) Give honor to a parent and wait for them to start eating at a family dinner before you do*

2) Shop For / Cook a Shabbat Meal (To be done with Adviser/Director)

3) Attend a Youth Group Shabbaton

4) Dance at a Jewish Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah

5) Attend a Brit Milah

6) Visit the Sick 2 times*

7) Pack and Deliver food for Poor Families with a local Jewish Organization*

8) Study Torah with a member of the Jewish Community*

9) Light Shabbat Candles* (18 minutes before sundown)

10) Put on Tzitzit and Tefillin

11) Chanuka Trifecta (Candles, Latkes and Dreidel)

12) Visit a Holocaust Survivor

13) Volunteer for a day in a Jewish School

14) Start a JSU club or join the JSU Board in your Public High School

15) Make Kiddush and Motzie in Hebrew*

16) Stay up All Night Shavuot and enjoy a slice of Cheese-Cake.

17) Join in a full Passover Seder

18) Hear the Purim Story in its original text and send Mishloach Manot to two friends or family.

19) Give charity 3 times. (Must have parents permission)

20) Pick an act of kindness to do consistently 3 times

*Minimum 2 Times

For more information Please contact Rabbi Yehuda Maryles, marylesy@ncsy.org