San Diego Community Service Trip!

Join us for our FIRST EVER Community Service trip. This trip is good for 20+ hours of community service! 

We will have several online planning sessions (which also count as community service) before the trip. YOU are the leaders of this trip, so there's lots to plan!

Short description:

  • We will be flying Thursday evening so you have to miss Friday of school
  • Friday will be 5-6 hours of working with local foster teens from urban surf 4 kids, we will we painting and building skateboards and surfboards (no prior experience required)
  • Shabbat will be spent with the locals, and fun Saturday afternoon sight seeing.
  • Saturday night will be another fun activity that we can decide during the planning sessions
  • Sunday will be all day more volunteering and fly home 530pm!

February 9th- 630pm: 1 hour planning session online

Feb 16th-  630pm: 15 minutes online

Febraury 23rd: 1 hour session online

March 8th: 1 hour session online

March 15th: 15 Minute Session online

(Total: 3:45 minutes of planning time)

Scholarships available

Registration is now closed.
Please contact for more information.