Bnei MItzvah Track

NCSY's "Out of the Box Bnei Mitzvah" program teaches Judaism essentials in a series of fun, engaging and relevant classes over the course of 2 years. Students explore unique Jewish topics through the lens of their own personal strengths and interests - an innovative approach to traditional study that ensures that every child is valued and engaged. The course will include out-of-the-box proficiency testing to be able to scale the students' accrued knowledge through fun and informal methodology. 

Included in the program is a complementary Friday night dinner for the students, as well as a Shabbaton at the Sheraton hotel for the families. An elegant ceremony will mark the completion of the course, where students will showcase their knowledge in unique "Out of the Box" presentations, as well as receive certificates of mastery.

The Program include the following topics and more!

Jewish traditions - why we do what we do?
The significance of Israel in our time
Torah Portions - an in depth look!
Crash Course in Jewish Ethics - 
for the thinking young adult
Tikkun Olam projects
Public speaking training
Personalized Bnei Mitvah projects 
Hebrew enrichment -
getting you where you need to be! 

Registration is now closed.
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