NCSY Update – CoronaVirus Precautions

NCSY Update – CoronaVirus Precautions

Dear Parents and Students of our NCSY Community,

In light of COVID-19, the “coronavirus,” there are many questions regarding the status and safety of our regular programming, including daily, weekly and extended overnight experiences.  We are reaching out to assure you that we are monitoring the situation closely and making decisions about whether or not to hold each program case by case, location by location, around the region. Our top concern is the ultimate safety of all attendees. We are in close contact and coordination with the local health department of each chapter as well as the CDC for guidance in making our determinations, event by event, as to whether we should proceed as scheduled, and, if so, how to maximize our level of safety on such an event.

In addition, out of an abundance of caution, we are implementing the following precautionary steps at all events regardless of size or location:

  1. Any program participant or staff person who has any symptoms of respiratory illness should not attend the event. Please let us or your chapter director know if you need to cancel for this reason.
  2. We will have substantial supplies of hand sanitizer on hand at all events, and we urge all participants and staff to utilize such common sense, best practices precautions as: appropriate hand-washing, avoid shaking hands and/or hand-to-hand contact while dancing etc. avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

Additionally, in fulfillment of our ultimate mission, we are distributing material and running additional programming to educate our students about the Jewish response to epidemics, Global Citizenship, Jewish medical ethics and Prayer as it relates to healing.  These core values are an essential part of the pillars that serve as the foundation of our Jewish identity.

Wishing the blessing of a speedy recovery to all who need it.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions by calling 310-229-9000.


Rabbi Derek Gormin

West Coast Regional Director